Who owns a limited company in Germany?

If you are dealing with a limited liability company in Germany, you sometimes wonder who probably are the people who are behind these GmbH or who owns this company.In a limited liability company you come across two different types of people: Once the CEOs and senior executives. These are the ones who represent the GmbH, acting on its behalf. But who owns a limited company? Those doing a GmbH to the shareholders.

Information about these GmbH shareholders are not found on a trade register printout or extract. There only the CEOs and senior executives are listed again. How do you now get the shareholder information? These details are recorded in a special shareholders’ list that has no uniform appearance. This information is also stored in the Commercial Register and can be obtained from there. Since the trade register is an open register, this information may see anyone. But first you have the competent commercial register find out and that’s because of the often shifted responsibility not without effort. Simple and especially faster it can go if you hire someone. Take a look at the once:
List of Shareholder – Limited Company Germany

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